History of Wilmington, North Carolina

Colonial History - Towns come and go as Spanish, English, Indians and misquotes fight for dominance on the Cape Fear.

Revolution - The Spanish and Indians are gone, but the English have turned on each other and Wilmington becomes a hotbed of discontent.

Ante-Bellum - Independence secured for awhile, Wilmington turns to rice, cotton and commerce as the largest town in North Carolina.

War Between the States - The only four years important enough to get their own chapter. Wilmington becomes a major participant in the War for Southern Independence. Blockade runners frequenting the city give it a cosmopolitan air and make the city known the world over.

The Last Hundred Years - Wilmington fares better than some Southern cities after the war, but eventually the city declines to mediocrity, only to be pulled up again by a resurgence of commerce and tourism.

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