The Essential Guide to: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is a resort area on the rise. After letting the oceanfront acquire a sort of tackiness, the city decided that to protect its tourist business, it was going to have to shape up. For several years money has been poured into the area, and the efforts are showing.

The beach is clean, wide, and regularly groomed. Bordering the sand is a wide concrete boardwalk with regular public accesses and separate bike lanes. The combination serves as a magnet for pedestrians, bikers and roller bladers alike. The oceanfront street, Atlantic Avenue, has been given an overhaul of signs, sidewalks, storefronts and landscaping, and Pacific Avenue will follow.

Off of the oceanfront Virginia Beach is a large city of suburban development and countryside. Stretching all the way from the Chesapeake Bay to the North Carolina border, the city claims to be the largest resort city in the world.

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