Our humourous take on a Travelogue - The Llama Bunch

Thinking of a completely different holiday? Forget about airplanes, trains, airport parking, and the queues at Heathrow or Gatwick Airport -- What about travelling by llama - a unique way to tour any country, and a totally different vacation experience.

Be warned though, you may never be the same again. We all came back llama crazy, and here is our travel song.

Here's the story, of a group of strangers, Who had thought they'd seen and done it all before. They'd hit Paris and New York, even Morocco... Who could've asked for more?

Here's the story, Of some woolly creatures, With bad manners and a tendency to spit. Some of them had hair of gold, like their mother... And they smelled quite a bit.

Till the one day when the tourists met the creatures, And they loaded on their duffel bags and lunch. For three days, they hiked up in the mountains... That's the way they all became the Llama Bunch!

The Llama Bunch,
The Llama Bunch,
That's the waaaay
They becaaaame
The Llama Bunch!


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