The Trans-Siberian Railway




Chapter 1 - To Valdivostok, is the first installment. Will I be able to get from China to Russia? Do I trust my new host, or heed the warnings about him? Will train tickets be available?

Chapter 2 - Kharbarovsk. The first train ride. What happened to Teddy? Romance? Thrown off the train?

Chapter 3 - Irktusk. Romance and misjudgement at the Baikail.

Chapter 4 - The Rest of Siberia is the fourth installment. I board the train with a wet and heavy heart after prematurely leaving Larissa in Irkutsk. Pretty girls, flowing champagne as we rock along through the rest of Siberia and into Russia.

Chapter 5 - Moscow and St. Petersburg. After the cozy comfort of the train, I'm thrust once again into the harsh world of travel. Moscow is cold and ugly and I leave for St. Petersburg as soon as possible.

Chapter 6 - Back to Moscow. After a week in St. Petersburg, it's time to head back to Moscow to see the remaining sights and catch the train. But how do you get to the airport?



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