Trans-Siberian Journal

Chapter 1, To Vladivostok, starts in China and covers my entry into and first stop in Russia.

Chapter 2, Kharbarovsk, is the first portion of my train journey. I try to meet up with Teddy at his home, but run into problems. When I finally get on the next train, the Brigadier threatens to throw me off for not playing by their stupid, discriminatory, communist laws.

Chapter 3, Irktusk, Romance and misjudgement at the Baikail.

Chapter 4, The Rest of Siberia is the fourth installment. I board the train with a wet and heavy heart after prematurely leaving Larissa in Irkutsk. Soon my attention turns to pretty girls, flowing champagne, and drunk Russians as we rock along through the rest of Siberia, across the Urals, and into Europe.

Chapter 5, Moscow and St. Petersburg. After the cozy comfort of the train, I'm thrust once again into the harsh world of travel. Moscow is cold and ugly and I leave for St. Petersburg as soon as possible.

Chapter 6, Back to Moscow. After a week in St. Petersburg, it's time to head back to Moscow to see the remaining sights and catch the train. But how do you get to the airport?

That's it, the Russian part of the journal is all online. The only other thing I want to do is come up with a version in a single file suitable for downloading. I'm making no promises, but sometime I would like to put the rest of the trip online, starting with China.

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